You Don’t Have To Fight It, God Is GONNA Do It!

The top three things during this semester of my masters program that has given me anxiety is the
law midterm,
the law legal paper,
AND the LAW final.
I’m just like… bruh, why am I in a law class?


If you don’t know that I have majorrrrrr issues with anxiety, now you know. And babyyyy, I have it BAD! *waves church fan*

I mean… I’m slowly, but surely learning how to cope with my anxiety, after going to therapy continuously for three months. Let’s just say, this semester is soooo much better and relieving for me, than last. Thank God.

Well…. UP until I think about these law assignments.

I think what really freaked me out about it, is with this class… we only have those three grades for the course, WHILE having to receive a B+ in the class or better.

I’m just like… “how that’s goin’ work?”


But okay, this really isn’t the point of my post. I just had to come throughhh and let yall know how good my God is.

So yea, I was worrying about the law midterm, which was March 3rd. But, I received my test back and guess who got an 86?

*drops down and gets my eagle on*


I’d like to give myself all the credit, since I put hoursssss into studying! But nah, God did that!!!! Never have I ever had to study so intensely and I just want to say, he really came through!!!!


So, this paper… boyeeee.

First off… I’ve never felt challenged in all my years of school… like NEVER.

And I’m actually glad that we’re required to take this course, because this course ALONE makes me worthy of that masters degree… and come May 7th, I’m gonna milly rock with my degree in my hand and have flashbacks of all the pain this class put me through LOL…


Anyway, this paper is suppose to be 20-pages.


I’m just like… I don’t think I’ve written anything (that wasn’t for personal purposes) over 4 pages forreal… So, 20? TWENTY?

I got my research topic, did the necessary research during spring break.
Then last Wednesday, I sat down around 11am, I organized my paper by each heading, and I literally wrote 18 pages by 9pm. I only planned to write 8. For some reason I was in the “zone” I guess.

Now, I’m a writer… so I can write. But writing a legal paper seemed sooooo beyond me. I didn’t take into consideration THAT I’M A WRITER!!!! THIS IS WHAT I DO!!!!!!

I took my 18-page paper, and once I add footnotes it will be well over 20 pages… but anyway, I took the paper to my law professor, to see if I was trippin, and all 18-pages were trash, or did this paper actually make sense?

YALL. When my professor told me that my LITERATURE REVIEW ALONE would get me an A because it was NEAR PERFECT, I almost shitted myself.


On the ride home I had to have a praise break, and Yolanda Adams – Battle is the Lords came on!

BABY! When I tell y’all that I got my ENTIRE LIFE.

When she said, “I DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT IT! GOD IS GONNA DO IT” I couldn’t stop the tears!!!!

God was like, “why you worrying boo? I GOT THIS!!!”


For anyone in the middle of an intense program or in the middle of an intense situation, especially my peers in my Graduate program… listen to this song!!!

Whatever you’re going through, YOU don’t have to fight it, God is gonna do it!! We’ve already received that master degree. No more worrying!!! We got this!!! HE’S JUST GOOD LIKE THAT!!!

So now, am I worried about the law final next month?

Hell to the nahhhh, to the nah nah nah… No masters degree formed against me shall prosper :)


– Ryen #MOGULintheMAKING

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