What gave you good vibes today?

Every Wednesday, the first question asked on #GoodVibesRadio is:
What gave you good vibes today?
This question stems from the importance of finding your happy. We seem to always let the negative energy of our day stimulate in us and fail to remember that one second of goodness we felt. Asking this question makes you think about your day, and you’re forced to FIND the positive vibes. It helps you realize what makes you happy and realize what makes you feel good.
In addition to asking this, I also add a question of the hour. The question of the hour is usually light-hearted and something to add to the conversation during the show.
For my first #GoodVibesRadio show, the question of the hour was:
What GIVES you good vibes?
If you’re having a bad day, what is the first thing you do to feel better again?
For me, it’s nothing better than putting on some soul music, with my favorite candle lit, while sipping green tea in the most intimate lighting (lol). I also enjoy working out and yoga, so whatever I’m in the mood for usually does the trick.
A big part of living, is being happy. Find what makes YOU happy and never stop doing it.
What gave YOU good vibes today?

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