I loveeee these updates, love love loveeee!!
All this means is that I’m a week closer to the end of this challenge.


5 more weeks left, so that means progress pics next week for the half way mark!!

The more I do these challenges, the more I fall in love with my body. Now, this is coming from someone who NEVER liked their body, AT ALL! So for my snapchat followers who see more of my motivational pics on a daily basis, this is why! I can say, “body goals” are sooooo DAMN hard to achieve. It takes so much dedication and consistency. So I’m soooo DAMN proud of myself, because I never gave up… And neither should you.

So if this is your week 1, or your round 1, YOU HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING! You have to tell yourself that if I am persistent, I’ll get it, period.

I used to always compare my “chapter 1” to another persons “chapter 7” but why? Understand that they too were in your shoes, and YOU TOO will get to where you want to be with time.

Keep going. Don’t give up.

As for this week in particular, nothing has changed… I continued to eat the same meal plan that I prepared for week one and two… oh, and Insanity is still kicking my butt LOL same ole’ same ole.

Good vibes this week! You got this!!

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