Week 9

Halleluuu! It’s Week 9!


I’m 2 weeks away from the end of Round 5 and I’m just gonna go ahead and mark this round as MY BEST round. Giving all thanks to the #MasterCleanse! If you’re just joining my blog, read my Master Cleanse Review and then return back to this post.

Yall… I STILL haven’t gained any of the weight back!!!


So this past Friday was the Yonce concert!



So these past couple of weeks I have been making a conscious effort NOT to cheat on my diet!! I said that I wouldn’t have anyyyy cheat days until Friday June 10th. Okay, so Friday comes and I had it all. LOL I had Papa John’s Pizza… with fries… and a vodka lemonade. Yonce was great btw. But the next morning I woke up, weighed myself, and I didn’t gain any weight from the night before. So that was only motivation for me to cheat again LOL this is soooo bad. But anyway, Saturday night, I had a grilled tilapia sub…with bacon…and with fries…and I had some M&M’s.
**side note, peanut M&M’s are my FAVORITE, and I can’t remember the last time I had them. So I tried the new flavors, honey nut M&M’s and coffee nut M&M’s***

giphy (11)


LOL, thennnnnnnnnnnnn Sunday, I had a chicken sandwich… with yes, fries again.

And guess what… ya girl woke up today, hopped on my scale (expecting the worst) btw, and ended up losing a pound. LOL.

So… all of this to say, Thank you Master Cleanse.
I probably won’t have another weekend like that until I go on vacation next month.
But the truth is, you do deserve it…
You get so caught up in losing weight, and trying new diet trends, you almost forget to have fun. And this weekend I had so much fun.

But, the fun does continue… with workouts and clean eating today! Again, I have two more weeks of round 5 and insanity to go anddddd I’m super excited.

Also, I just got poetic justice braids and I swear after I got them done it added 3lbs. So my scale is a little off because of my hair. I do understand that my hair is extremelllllyyyy heavy and thats where the pounds are coming from. But, because I weigh myself everyday, (which isn’t good) I’m able to say okay these 3lbs are clearly from my hair, but without it, I haven’t gained any weight back from the cleanse.


Another thing… After the cleanse, I am no longer regular. I don’t know WHAT is happening. So for this week I’m doubling up on the fiber, and drinking prune juice every night.

Honey Almond Flax Cereal w/ Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and Smoked Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage (Trader Joe’s)

Veggie Wrap with a Fiber One Tortilla

Grilled Chicken, Red Quinoa, and Grilled Cauliflower

Feeling a little bloated since I’m not regular.. And its even more weird that even though I’m not regular, I still haven’t gained any weight, not even weight from being bloated. So hmm… I’ll keep you guys updated on that for next week as well.

Fit Vibin’

xoxo, Ryen.

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