Week 8

Week 8 … check!

Zaaaamn Zaaniieeeellll, we really have two more weeks left of this challenge!!
Hiiii guysss!!! I’ll make this update quick.

This week went really well for me. I completed my five-day juice challenge from Monday – Friday, and lost 4lbs because of it.

Why this juice cleanse was so successful:
1. I avoided meat, cheese and bread for 5 days
2. I was able to get between 1300-1400 calories each day
3. I did not starve myself
4. I got all the macronutrients that I need each day as well.

What this juice cleanse consisted of:
1. I ate about 5 smoothies each day, making sure to get between 130-140g of protein/day.
2. I drank one gallon of water each day
3. I worked out 4/5 days of the cleanse

I mean, I’m pleased with my results and I would definitely do it again.
Learn more about the juice cleanse here:

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