Week 8 + Post Master Cleanse

Week 8 is complete baby!!!! And I’m also 5 days post-cleanse!
Hiiiiii guys!

So first off the question that’s on everyone’s mind, HAVE I GAINED THE WEIGHT BACK?

Nope! Ha!

So easing off of the master cleanse was super easy. I read a lot about drinking freshly squeezed orange juice in order to help with your digestive tract. And also easing into eating protein.

So the first 2 days off of the cleanse I drank water and organic orange juice (Trader Joe’s) also soup, lots of veggies, fruit and guacamole LOL I loveeee me some guac!

It was soooo refreshing because I just wanted to chew again. LOL! Also, I noticed I became veryyyy full, VERY fast! Which was fine by me!

Day 3, post cleanse, I had sliced turkey, in addition to orange juice, water, veggies and fruit. Also, I went to an event and had 3 cookies and a quarter slice of a yummy delicious red velvet cupcake :( I was literally so depressed because I thought the next morning I’d weigh myself and I’d be 10lbs heavier again.
But no, instead I got really sick. My stomach rejected the food soooo bad and allllll hell broke lose (y’all know what happened)

So that kind of made me feel better to see that my body really was “toxin free” and decided to reject anything that wasn’t clean.

Nevertheless, it’ll be hard for me to cheat again because that experience was pretty painful.

Day 4, post cleanse, I started eating meat again, but only chicken and shrimp over a Cobb salad.

Today I’ve continued with Round 5 and Insanity! It’s Day 56 and I have 3 more weeks to go until I’m finished with this workout challenge.

The menu for this week:

Mixed Berries and Cabbage Protein Smoothie

Chicken and Vegetable Wrap (I found whole wheat wraps with only 6g of carbs! Winnnnnnn)

Grilled Salmon, grilled cauliflower and red quinoa

Looking forward to this week to see if my increase intake in protein + workouts will help or harm my scale.

I don’t know why we get so wrapped up on what the scale says but it’s just something about that numba!! We love our goal weight for some reason!

I do know that as I workout and increase my protein, that my muscles will increase as well… But we’ll see!

Good vibes only this week!!!
Remember these 3 words when starting a fitness journey – JUST DO IT!

Xoxo, Ryen

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