Week 7 + Master Cleanse Update

You never know how strong you are, until you’re challenged to do something that you never thought you could do….
So a challenge approaches you… Now what? What are you gonna do? … Deny the challenge? Accept the challenge, then fail? Or accept the challenge, AND KICK ITS ASS!? 
I’ll take option 3 for 600 Alex :)

Hiiiii guys! Today is not only my Week 7 update for Round 5, it’s also DAY 8, of the Master Cleanse! Wowwwww. Let me just say, I’m so very proud of myself right now *pats self on the back* 

If you don’t know the intensity involved with this Master Cleanse, go look it up realllll quick then continue reading… 

So yes, I’ve been drinking only WATER, A DETOX LEMONADE, AND HOT TEA for 8 days so far, with 2 days left to go! 

The amount of peace and alignment I feel right now is out of this world. My energy is equivalent to 2 Cellucor pre-workout pills and a red bull (that’s a lot of energy), my skin is glowing x1000 and I’ve shed sooooo many pounds!! 

You know what… Ima continue bragging about this cleanse after day 10, that way I can add my final weigh in… It’s just that good!

So week 8 is here and I have 2 more days left of this cleanse. Now, have I been doing my Insanity workout during this Master Cleanse? Nope

And if you decide to start the Master Cleanse, you’ll understand why. 

It’s simply not safe. So I’ll extend my Round 5 for an extra 2 weeks, that way I can make up for all of my workouts that I’ve missed.

No big deal, sometimes you have to adjust. 

But yes, this spring detox was DEFINITELY needed and is 100% recommended. 

So I just wanted to share my current state of mind as we start Week 8 :) GOOD VIBES FOR SURE!!

What to look forward to from me towards the end of the week? 

– Full Master Cleanse Update Blog Post and Video (yes, I documented EACH day) 

I love you guys!!! If you want to see how I end these next 2 days of the Master Cleanse, follow my snapchat @truestargold

Also, I’m here if you have any questions at all! Want to start a fitness journey? Need some help or motivation? Contact me! I got youuuu! 

Remember, good vibes only… Anything else isn’t worth it!

– Ryen xoxo

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