Week 6 + Master Cleanse Details

I’ve been looking forward to this update!!! I have so much new information to share. So week 6 is complete! Check! & I completed the breakfast-lunch juicing as well… And, like the past weeks, I still haven’t lost any more weight. *side eyes*

But before I share my plans for the next 10-days, I’ll update you with what I did differently this week. 

So I tried the C4 Cellucor pre-workout; fruit punch flavored… Sooooo yummy!!! I swear it tastes just like kool aid! 

And I also tried a new brand of protein powder, strawberry flavored, which was pretty good as well. Also still having 30g of protein per serving!

My insanity workouts increased slightly, so maybe the 2lbs I gained were muscle? Because I definitely feel great. 

So I’m currently 147lbs, and I just committed to doing the 10-day Master Cleanse! Ahhh! But I’m reallllly looking forward to detoxifying my body. 

Also, I feel like I may have reached a plateau, so this cleanse will be a good kick start to helping me get to my goal weight of 135lbs. Learn more here. So we’ll see. Of course I’ll update you guys every step of the way via snapchat and I’ll also post the full journey on my YouTube channel. 
Wish me luck! And for those joining me… Good luck to you❤️

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