Week 5

Just keep swimmingggg, swimmingggg, swimmingggg?

Last week I said I’d explore more fiber and pre-workout options. Sooooo, I’m going to add coconut oil to my diet every morning (a tablespoon in my tea) and use Cellucor C4 pre-workout. And I’ll update you on any progress that I notice this week. 

Also, I tried a veggie wrap recipe this week and baby… I’d eat it every day if it had more protein ? LOL but anyway, add yellow squash, red bell pepper, lettuce, tomato, cheese, topped with your favorite low-fat dressing, a whole wheat tortilla (they have some with only 5g of carbs at my local grocery store), and wahlaaa! Yummmm!! Maybe I’ll try it with black beans or even adding grilled chicken to increase the protein intake. 

This week, I’m juicing for breakfast and lunch and having a high protein and veggie dinner. See my Juice With Me post to join! 

S T A Y – F O C U S E D

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