Week 11

11 weeks… check!
Round 5… check!
Insanity challenge… check!

Soooo incredibly proud of myself right now! If you’re just joining me, for Rounds 1-4, I’ve been completing a full T-25 challenge. For Round 5, I stepped it up a notch and committed to Insanity. Insanity is twice the length of T-25 and double the intensity.


I’m actually sooo glad it’s over. Not because it was challenging but because I’m just ready to move on, you know? Though, it was pretty challenging LOL

So what’s next?

I’ll be creating my own workout routine, in the comfort of my house of course, and will be sharing my workout routines with you guys as I create them.

THANK YOU ROUND 5! THANK YOU INSANITY! I’m at my best body right now, and I’m just so amazed. Definitely looking forward to more results and more progress :)


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Xoxo, Ryen.

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