Week 10 – GET FIT FAST

Week 10!

Ahh, my challenge is overrrr! 10 weeks CHECK!

Instead of my usual weekly progress update, I wanted to give an overview of why THIS ROUND was the BEST ROUND.

1. I drank a gallon of water EVERY day – this was the first time I ever focused on the amount of water I drank. THE RESULTS ARE SO WORTH IT. ADD MORE WATER, PERIOD.
2. MORE protein LESS carbs – I tried to lessen the amount of carbs I consumed by only having complex carbs for breakfast (Oatmeal). My lunch and dinner meals were generally protein and vegetables.
3. LESS cheat days. – I started out with a cheat day each week, but because I’m trying to get NEW results, I needed to start with NEW changes. I changed my cheat day to every other week (that’s going almost two weeks without messing up on my diet) CRAZY. This WILL take practice, so its okay if you aren’t able to go two weeks, vary according to your own pace. ALSO, my cheat “days” weren’t cheating ALL day. It was a cheat meal. So this is a day where you can have that piece of cake, or slice of pizza, in addition to eating clean!

What’s next?
I’m starting ANOTHER 5-day juice cleanse TODAY.
More details coming soon.

Have a great day guys!!


  1. Aftaan says:

    I’m doing this…..starting today!

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