Week 1

Spreading good vibes and love this week :)
Back at it again with ANOTHER FIT VIBES CHALLENGE!


So, here’s my Week 1 update:

Round 5 is about to be OH SO DIFFERENT. Here’s why:
1. Insanity instead of T25

These workouts…boyeee.maxresdefaultBut, one thing I’ve learned, is that you HAVE to keep changing up your workout routines. YOU have to challenge your body!!! How can you expect your body to change, if you don’t?

Try increasing your workouts to 40 minutes instead of 30… or running a mile, instead of walking. TREAT yourself. Remember anything GOOD you do for your body is TREATING YOURSELF… you’re worth it right?

So Round 5, Week 1 wasn’t easy for me… but it was rewarding.
I’ve already noticed small changes…

For example, I’m definitely sweating waaaay more during workouts (which I believe is doing wonders for my skin) ANDDDDD I’m burning WAY MORE CALORIES… which is self-explanatory… #WontHEDoIT

I mentioned at the beginning of this round, that I cheated OHHHDEEEEE during my birthday weekend… Afterwards I was like…Really?


So my weight went from 141lbs on that Thursday…. to 149lbs on that Monday….



BUT, now we’re at 145lbs… Again…*rolls eyes*

Cheating on your diet should consist of a cheat MEAL…not a cheat DAY…or a cheat WEEKEND… but it was a special occasion LOL, so what the hell. I’m slowly but surely getting back to where I was… *****If you do cheat on your diet, DON’T DWELL OVER IT… MOVE ON!!! Today is a NEW day…


Breakfast (30g protein):
Super Green Wheatgrass Smoothie:
1 1/2 c of Spring Mix
1/2 c Frozen Mixed Berries
1 scoop protein powder (30g protein)
1 serving of wheatgrass
1 serving of psyllium husk fiber
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
Fill with water (or coconut water)

Lunch (30g protein):
grilled chicken Salad with peppers, onions, and avocado

Dinner (30g protein):
grilled chicken and shrimp with broccoli, mushrooms and onions

Snack (20g protein):
Protein Bar: 20g protein

Post Workout Smoothie (30g protein):
30g protein powder
1/2 banana
1 tablespoon of crunchy almond butter
Fill with water

Stay motivated…Stay encouraged…Enjoy the journey… You GOT THIS!!!


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