READ: The Power of Now x Eckhart Tolle 

What if I told you that the past and future are irrelevant, insignificant, not important… would you believe me?

I don’t even know if I believe me.
I’m the type of person who is always imagining, always visioning, always hoping and praying.

The thought of my future gets me excited. It makes me work harder.

But, why?

Why doesn’t the present, this current moment, make me feel the same?

The Power of Now, ladies and gentleman.

This book took me on a mind trip I swear. It simple wasn’t a normal enlightenment book. It was a how-to book.

How to enjoy this moment.
How to breathe and become present.
How to discover the power of NOW.

The now is truly powerful and I think it’ll take a lot of rereading for me to grasp this concept 100%, but for now I’m truly thankful I read this book.

I do recommend you do the same :)

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