#TastyVoxBox Feature: What’s inside?

Yummmmm! Hey friends, today I just traveled home from NYC and look what arrived!!! 

I’m so happy that my first complimentary voxbox is food related! Plus, it’s tons of healthy food options which is even better! 

Since I recently moved, these items were #just #on #time, mmkay! 

Included in the #TastyVoxBox – yummy @YogiProducts! I’m probably #YogiTea’s biggest fan! Included is Cinnamon Berry, Probiotic Balance, which is great for digestion and Green Tea Kombucha which is an antioxidant that supports overall health… Awesome sauce! 

Also included was GoLean Dark Cocoa Powder, which is 21g of plant protein! Yes yes yes! So necessary. I’ve never tried plant based protein powder before but I’m really excited that it’s chocolate favored! Yay! 

We also have, French’s Crispy fried onions and Frank’s RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce! I mentioned I just moved, so these are right on time! Oh and especially since I’m preparing for Thanksgiving dinner tonight! 

And my favorite out of the bunch, all natural Splenda sweetener! Perfect mixture for my YogiTea. Can’t wait to try it! 

Last but not least, a coupon for a free SmartOnes meal and a free Country Crock spread! Did y’all know Courtney Crock came in different flavors? So excited :)

Thank you @Influenster!!! I love my complimentary #TastyVoxBox so much! ❤️

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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