Round 7, Week 7

Week 7, BOY. -_-

So this week I was able to workout everyday except Friday. Which would be the firssssssssst time I missed a workout the whole Round 7. ??

BUT my diet this week went to SHITS lol so basically I gave up. ??‍♀️ It is what it is. I wouldn’t lie to y’all LOL.

I was a little depressed this week, and filled with lots of anxiety (about little things going on in my life),.. so I wasn’t tooooo hard on myself.

Sometimes you just have to take the L, and bounce back! So week 8, LETS GET IT.

ReFOCUS. Get it together. And let’s do the damn thang!!

Fit VIBES! ♥️

No need to mention my meal plan this week because it sucked LOL.

Here’s to an extra dope week 8 :)

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