Round 7, Week 6

Week 6!

Haaay now! 6 weeks down, 4 to go!!
We’re officially OVER the half-way mark and it’s nothing but UP from here!!! Haha

So this was my Birthday week!! Woohooo!!! And I was alllllll good until we reached Friday and my roommate cooked Lasagna, LOL so yummy though.

But your birthday weekend deserves a pass, right :)

I’ve noticed that AFTER the weekend I wasn’t bloated at all compared to how I’d usually be + I was PMS’ing as well, so that’s definitely a good thing.

This round, I’ve noticed I haven’t weighed myself as much. And to be honest, I love that.

We get sooooo freaking caught up in that scale. It’s crazy.

I know I’m eating right. I know I’m giving my all during workouts. So no, scale, you won’t tell me that I haven’t made progress. Nope!

Meal plan

AM – pre workout supplement
This week I worked out at night mostly, so I went straight to breakfast –
Breakfast – smoothie with cranberry juice (no sugar), blueberries, alkaline detoxifier supplement

Lunch – grilled chicken, greens and beets

Pre workout – boiled eggs
Dinner / post workout – Coconut crusted chicken salad

If snack – protein bar

Week 7, let’s do this!

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