Round 7, Week 5

week 5, check!!!!

Officially HALF WAY DONE!!!!! Another 5 weeks to go and my body will officially be on a new level. If you’re joining me, YOUR BODY WILL OFFICIALLY BE ON A NEW LEVEL!!

New levels get me so excited!!

So half-way down means a progress update!!!

Weight – I lost 3lbs so far.
For me, losing weight is incredibly hard now. I’m still trying to master that, but also trying to grasp the fact that your weight really doesn’t matter.

My bloating is almost non-existent, even during a PMS week (currently), the bloating is nowhere to be found!!!!!!
Praise himmmmm, won’t he do it!!

I’m so excited this week. It’s the beginning of April. It’s the beginning of a new season. So many beginnings, so much growth to enjoy and appreciate. SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR.

Meal plan –

Pre workout supplement
Pre workout – 2 boiled eggs
Post workout / Breakfast – peanut butter, banana, milk smoothie.

Lunch – grilled chicken, greens,
one day of the week i just had tuna for lunch, and another day I added beets to my grilled chicken and greens meal. yum!

Mid day snack – apple

Dinner – grilled chicken salad or one day I had coconut cashew crusted salmon, greens and beets for dinner.

If snack – protein bar or nuts

Half way done!!!!! Pretty soon it’ll be May and life will be oh so sweet :)

Happy workouts this week fitness friends!! on to Week 6!!! :)

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