Round 7, Week 4

So this week we entered into the official 3-week countdown until my birthday lol.
For me, I just try to beat my own body goals. And with that, I have to look even better than I did the year before, you know?

So 3 week countdown, it’s O-N.

Meal Plan:

AM: Pre workout supplement
Pre-workout: Protein shake (vanilla 30g protein powder + water)
Post-workout: Protein bar or protein shake
Breakfast: Couple of days I missed breakfast because my shake was so filling. Yikes! Lol,, one day of the week I did have oatmeal – multigrain raisin :)
Lunch: Ground turkey and cabbage
Afternoon Snack: Fiber bar
Dinner: Grilled chicken, mushrooms, broccoli
2 days of the week – I added brown rice!
If-snack – nope! didn’t need it this week :)

Completing week 4 feels so great!!!!! I’m super excited to enter the 2 week countdown (Week 5) Woohoo!!!!

Any questions about my diet? Hit me up!

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