Round 7, Week 1 – FOCUS!

Another round of T25 and I’m definitely coming after my best self with this one.

The goal is to be BETTER. Achieve a level of fitness that I’ve never achieved. The stakes are HIGH! I’m not just looking to coast by this round. I’ve really came to WORK.
This means totally transforming my mind, thoughts, energy, and of course meal plans. FOCUS! It’s not a game.

So, Week 1.
Let me tellllll y’all how I was tempted on tempted on tempted as early as Day 1 this week.
I’m like really? Really?

So Monday, I was sent to LA by my job. So as I’m laying in bed Monday morning trying to grasp the fact that I need to go to LA sooooo much went through my mind.

“But this is Week 1.”
“But this DAY ONE!”
“Will you have time to workout at all?”
“Will you go crazy on your diet?”

Literally, so much was going through my mind.
Then, I had to stop and FOCUS.

“You came to win, boo. Let’s get it!
So before you do ANYTHING, work out.”


“Now, you just have to keep it together while traveling, say NO to temptation and stay on track, period.”

Easy right?

Y’all I skipped out on trying In-N-Out, drinks, and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of myself. :)

After LA, I was tempted with carrot cake, brownies and food at work, Thai food, homemade cake, LOL I’m just like damn, so this is how this round is gonna be, eh?
But I asked for this round to be like no other, so I’m ready for whatever that means.


Meal plan for this week –

6a – Pre workout supplement

Protein Shake (pre workout)
AM Workout (Day 1 – Day 5)

9a – Protein Bar (post workout)

10a – Breakfast
Oatmeal and apple

1p – Lunch
Chili (ground turkey, tomato sauce, kidney beans, chili powder)
Sautéed spinach

3p – Grapes

7p – Dinner
Grilled chicken w/ salad
I grilled my chicken with honey and barbeque sauce
2 days out of the week, add brown rice and quinoa to dinner

9p – “IF” snack
Haha, I call this an “if” snack because I don’t like to cut myself off and say I can’t eat after a certain time. That gives me anxiety and just makes me want a piece of cake LOL. So my “if snack” this week was greek yogurt. I had it twice this week; guilt free and yummy!

Day 6 and Day 7 I incorporate the above as well, except I add a cheat meal and I rest with workouts.

However, I may just add a cheat snack this week. I’m loving my week 1 progress already and I don’t want to go off track , not even a little bit :) haha, I’ll keep you guys updated!

Super excited for week 2!!! Woohooo

Before pic – 2.27

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