Round 6, Week 7

Ah, Week 7❤️

Threeee more weeks to go, baby! 

Ok so right as I’m blogging, like at this very moment, the sun is literally beaming down on my face with the most serene view of the sky. It’s giving me allllll the calm, peaceful feels right now. I actually feel magical. So I decided this was the perfect time to open up my notes app in my phone to share how amazing my week was.


Any week that you can get through all of your workouts AND not go off your diet is a “won’t he do it” moment. But I’m telling you friends, the meditation process that I’ve been enforcing is clearing my mind and allowing me to feel closer and connected to not only God, but to myself.

Let’s go back. So remember I did the Master Cleanse and I kept enforcing how it’s “mind over matter” 100% of the time. That’s how I completed the cleanse. I removed my thoughts and actually remained still in the moment (for 10 days) to be able to fast from eating. That left me feeling more aligned than ever. So meditation for me is bringing me back to that place. Allowing me to remove the wild thoughts from my mind and to be still, and be present. It’s something I rush to do in the morning and can’t wait to do at night.

But yea, back to fitness. I just feel like fitness and mental health mix so well. It’s like the green to my tea (lol) but seriously! It helps a lot.

Excited for the next 3 weeks per usual❤️

Whatever part of his journey you’re on, just remember KEEP GOING. If you can’t find no one to go hard for, go hard for yourself.


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