Round 6, Week 5

Week 5, blah.

So usually I’m excited about completing week 5… I’m officially more than halfway finished with this Round… Right? Wrong.

I completely screwed up this week, lol.. (Yes I can laugh about this now) but I was truly miserable this week, and a little upset at myself as well.

Tuesday, I planned to visit Chicago for the day. So I knew Tuesday would be my cheat day. However I was so busy Monday preparing for my trip, I had no time to do the actual workout. So I ate clean Monday, but skipped my workout. Cool, no worries!

Tuesday, of course I was in Chicago all day, I planned to cheat on my diet and to miss my workout as well. Cool… THIS WAS PLANNED. However, we ended up MISSING our flight out of Chicago Tuesday night and had to stay at a hotel to take an early Wednesday morning flight… NOT COOL, lol THIS WAS NOT PLANNED!!

Me along with my beautiful other and grandmother ❤️

Wednesday started off to be a “MISSION- DO RIGHT” day. I had to!! I had no more cheat days to offer this week. Then somehow in the airport, I ended up grabbing an asiago cheese bagel with butter for breakfast…. :( NOT COOL!!

However as soon as I got back home, I did workout.

Then, the weather Thursday and Friday was so sucky and I started my cycle (tmi, but hey) so you know, I just decided to throw this week in the trash and try again.

So here we are. Will I redo Week 5? Nope. I’m not a big “reminisce over the past” type of person. So it happened, I suck, but guess what… I still have weeks 6,7,8,9 and 10 to get better, AND I WILL.

So I’m moving on to Week 6, with the expectation to give my workouts 300% of my energy, and to commit to not even having a cheat day this week! BOOM!

#MondayMotivation – GET DAT ASS UP!


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