Round 6 Week 4

These weeks are movingggggg! I love it!

4 weeks down, 6 to go! If you’re just joining my blog, Welcome! Thanks for visiting :) I’m currently in my 6th round of T25. One round consists of 10-weeks of intense cardio and strength training workouts while eating a clean diet and drinking a gallon of water each day. And I’ll add that the results are worth it. 

This week went very well, I’ve continued taking the supplements that I mentioned in Week 3 and I’ve been cautious of the amount of healthy carbs I’ve been adding to my diet. I used to think bread was NOT my friend. But, I’m learning that fiber IS my friend and whole wheat/ multigrain bread isn’t so bad for my body after all. 

I tried a new recipe this week, healthy flourless pumpkin muffins. OMG SOOOO GOOD! If you want the recipe, comment below! 

Looking forward to almost being halfway done with this round, Week 5, wus good? 


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