Round 6 Week 3

Woohoo! 3 weeks down and 7 more to go!!!! 

Ahh you guys, I KNEW this week was going to be amazing! Not only did I finish Week 3, but I also reached 200 subscribers on YouTube!!! Woohoooo!! Super super super big milestone for me and Fit Vibes and I’m just super thankful I have so many people who support me and my journey!!! 

Last week I mentioned I was going to take a fatty acid supplement along with a multivitamin and I believe that did wondersssssss for my body this week! I’m not as bloated, I’m more regular than usual and I’m extra energized, which is AMAZINGGG! I definitely recommend adding that to your daily routine! 

Great news!!!! I’ve added customized meal plans and health coaching to my website! The service is available anytime via this link: [ ] This is a great idea for those who want to start a fitness journey but have no idea what to eat, or just want a little support to motivate them along the way! 

To watch my full “How To Lose Body Fat” video, click here

I’m definitely looking forward to Week 4! I’ve had a not so healthy weekend :( so I’ll probably begin my morning with a salt-water flush, to just restart everything. Remember you can always hit that restart button!!!!!! 

I’m looking forward to lots of progress this week and of course great vibes! 

have a good week babes! xoxo.

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