Round 6, Week 2

Two weeks down, eight more to go!! Woohoo!! I’m so excited about this Round. The results I’m seeing so far are just out of this world!! 

One thing I’ve noticed with my body is I haven’t lost any weight for the most part in the last two weeks. My scale usually moves up and down daily and definitely weekly, depending on what I eat, my cheat meals, my stress levels, etc. I have noticed that after my cheat meals, I’m not as bloated as usual, and it’s as if the cheat meal never happened. Which is awesome sauce lol no complaints here! 

I began taking a women’s multivitamin along with an omega fish oil supplement. So next week I’ll update on the results with that.

For breakfast this week I’ll be eating a serving of Fiber one cereal with almond milk, to increase my fiber intake.

So we’ll see how that works as well.

What’s to come for Fit Vibes?
This week I’ll be working on my next Fit Vibes video to post to YouTube after I reach 200 subscribers. So stay tuned for that!!!

Good vibes onlyyyyyy this week!! Let’s get it!


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