Round 4, WUS GOOD!?

It’s the new year, so you know that means another fitness challenge! That’s righhhhhtttttt… it’s time for Round 4! Another 70-day journey begins today, January 18th. Legggoo!

I’ve found with each fitness challenge that I’ve done, it gets easier each time. Is it easy? Hell Naw!200_s

But is it worth it? Hell YES!

If this is your first fitness challenge, don’t be discouraged. The key is to EAT! Never get hungry. Once you get hungryyyy (BOYYE! All hell breaks loose) So yea, EAT, stay motivated, and keep the devil out of the spirit!! Temptation WILL try you! You just have to stay focused and tell Satan, “Not today.”


It’s a better experience when you have a support system. So, I encourage you to tell your best friend, or your significant other, or your co-worker, or classmate to join you! I mean, it’s way more enjoyable that way.

So okay, WHAT IS IT?



So for the next 70 days (Hol’ up… I know that sounds like a long time, but don’t let it intimidate you, it goes by fast)

  • we’ll be eating C L E A N (see my blog post on clean eating to learn more about what that means)
  • DRINK ONLY WATER – drink a gallon of water/day, TEA – no sugar but feel free to add honey, raw sugar or lemon, COFFEE – if you don’t like your coffee black, you can add almond milk, or whipping cream, and PROTEIN SHAKES – definitely drink this after a workout
  • For workouts, I’ll be doing t25 for 5 days/wk (25 minutes intense cardio workout), yoga on one day, and resting the last day. T25 isn’t for everybody, so if you prefer to go to the gym 5 days/ week then thats great, by all means do ya thang boo! Either way, find a workout that YOU enjoy, but be sure to challenge yourself!

Read my post about Gettin’ Motivated, for more tips on how to stay sane and how to keep going during this challenge! I’ll be updating my progress every week!

Remember, the only thing that can get in the way of you and your dream body, is you! You got this!

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