READ: How To Be Here x Rob Bell


Immediately attracted to this book because of the title. During this #52weeks52books I’ve learned soooo much about the importance of NOW and being present.

Between how incredibly relatable this author was and how incredibly easy this book was to read. I AM SO FULL. OK!

Soooo much information to take in and so many good vibes. Wow. Thank you Rob Bell.

There’s a page that introduces the statement – “This is where I start” – I think I sent that page to about 6 people after I read it.


I loved this because its so relevant in my life. Worrying about everything else other than the FIRST number. Wanting to start a new radio morning show, wanting to find a new job, wanting to host an event – all of the things I’m currently planning, in my head, sounding to be like too much work? WHY? … because, I’m worrying about everything other than the FIRST number.

It all starts with 1. The first step.
Start with 1. Then worry about 2. Then 3.

I could literally share notes ALL DAY, from parts of this book. LITERALLY, ALL DAY. It’s so good.

Just go read for yourself.

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