READ: When God Winks At You x SQuire Rushnell

So recently I’ve been reading books about the Law of Attraction and books that revolve around manifesting your desires.

However, one of my very best friends, Tracy, hayyy boo :), bought me “Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson” for my birthday, and I read that in literally one hour…so good, definitely read that if you have the chance.

But anyway, it took me away from my traditional “manifesting your desires” books and helped me in areas I didn’t even realize could be helped…. *cough cough* Anxiety. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEED THAT BOOK!!!

But anyway, last week, I decided to broaden my “self-help” and motivational library and I purchased, “When God Winks At You”, “Eat Pray Love”, “Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It”, “Big Magic”, and the fictional novel, “Queen Sugar”.

So I finished “When God Winks At You” and this book is like a little bible in reassuring you that God GOT you! He hears your cries and he hears your prayers! The little events that happen in your life, traditionally¬†known as coincidences, are simply, God winks. Simply a reminder, and a way of God communicating, that he¬†got you!

I really needed this book, and this is surely something I can go back and reread in times of doubt, or if I ever need some reassurance. Good vibes for sure.

Next up: Big Magic… stay tuned!

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