READ: The Wait x DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good

Ok so I was a little skeptical to read this at first. Like wasn’t feeling it at all LOL Then, life allowed me to take my own celibacy journey.

So this book consisted of a lot things that I already knew. I had my “ah-ha” moment, talks with God, did some self-reflecting and that’s how I became interested in celibacy.

So this book picks your brain to help you reach your “ah-ha” moment… if that makes sense.

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to practice, “the wait” unless you’ve reached that level.

I can say that this book was a very good read. It flowed nicely. But to read this book after already practicing celibacy was a little annoying. I wanted to hear stories about how DeVon and Meagan beat the temptation. I wanted real life circumstances. Not just a step-by-step manual of how to become celibate. You know?

If you are interested in having better luck in relationships, living a better life, practicing self-control, etc, this honestly will be a good source for you.

Let me know your thoughts!

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