READ: The Science of Getting Rich x Wallace D. Wattles

So I was truly afraid of this book.
Well, not afraid. But a little nervous to begin reading.

Sometimes the thought of “how to get Rich” seems materialistic, if that makes sense.

You know, wanting more than you currently have makes me feel like I’m not thankful for where I’m currently at.

However because I’ve heard so many great things about Wallace D. Wattles, I had to see what the book was about.

But y’all. THIS bookkkk!

I learned we have the right to be rich. GOD WANTS US TO BE RICH.
AND, it truly is a science to getting there.

It’s okay to want more. As long as you’re always expressing true gratitude for this current moment.


First off, this book is so short and small and soooo easy to read.

To get straight to the point, this book was great.

I’m excited to pass this along :)


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