READ: The Introvert Entrepreneur x Beth L. Buelow

On the one hand you are an introvert. You tend to prefer ample alone time. You appreciate blocks of uninterrupted time so you can focus. You enjoy going deep rather than broad in whatever catches your fancy. On the other hand, you are an entrepreneur. You are required to interact with employees, partners, clients, and customers on a regular basis. You must be accessible and responsive, even when it’s not convenient. You have to wear multiple hats, taking on everything from product development to social media to finances. How can one person be both of these things and remain sane?

I’ve been fighting with this fact since I was younger. I felt like my career CHOSE me, I didn’t choose it. So I was always torn and confused at myself by how I plan to execute my dreams as a public figure, entertainment journalist, media personality, basically as someone who is in front of the camera, talking to people every day as WORK, BUT also as someone who gains energy by being alone (and highly enjoys silence and reading and being to myself♥️)

I’ve learned how to balance throughout the years and this book really just made me feel like split personalities are normal ☺️? I feel like Beyoncé is an introvert, Oprah is probably an introvert, and Michelle Obama is definitely probably an introvert lol ♥️ I highly recommend this book!!


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