READ: The Healthy Habit Revolution x Derek Doepker

Just to be clear, I RANDOMLY selected the order that I would read these books. When I selected the order, I had absolutely no idea that I would be starting Round 7 this week. I actually didn’t decide that until the end of last week.

But anyway, this was the perfect book to start upon beginning a new fitness challenge.

Doepker gives us sooooo many useful tips and habits to do in order to ensure when we begin a “healthy habit” that we actually follow through.

The book is designated to be read over a 21-day span, but since I’m currently doing a “weekly read” of each book, I had to rush through it.

I do understand that it takes 21 days before something scientifically becomes a habit and that’s why Doepker’s book works well for beginners.

However, I do wish I was able to wake up and read the information each day from Day 1 through Day 21 but I still got the gist of what Doepker was aiming to do.

I was happy however to read suggested tips from Doepker that I already began incorporating into my daily routines. For example, Doepker gives up Daily Habits to start – like to start right NOW!
– Meditation
– Mental Activity (reading)
– Physical Activity (exercise)
– and, Gratitude

It’s just so dope because you can see how physical activity and mental activity connects so heavily together. These tips are farrrrr more useful than just trying to simply “workout each day” He helps us look at the bigger picture.

It’s a lifestyle.
It’s a journey.

I’d definitely recommend!

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