READ: The Game of Life and How to Play it x Florence Scovel Shinn

Literallllllly, the whole handbook!!!
What I can appreciate the most about this book was how SIMPLE it was. Florence gave examples and literally referred to the people involved as “a woman I know, or a man I know” I LOVED THAT. She gave her point, gave a quick example, and moved on!!!

This book was no regular, smegular self-help book!!

I also enjoyed how she connected religion in so many ways. So many scriptures, so many GREAT POINTS. It’s like wow. LIFE COULD BE SIMPLE. Why do we constantly try sooooo hard to make it so damn complex?

She didn’t go into any long speech about who she is, and what made her write the book, NOTHING. I LOVEDDDDD THATTTT! It’s like she thought, “this is great information, I’m going to share, and I don’t care WHO they think I am, or WHAT they know about me, just take this information and LIVE”

I also enjoyed how I read this book during a new moon transition!! It’s filled with so many affirmations and daaaaang, I JUST FEEL SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!

I appreciate this little short handbook on life and I can’t wait to rereadddd and rereadddd and REREAAAAD!!



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