READ: The Alchemist x Paulo Coelho

Do you have a dream?
A vision?
A thought of how you’d like your life to be?
Yes? Well, did you know that that wasn’t on accident?

Visions and dreams just don’t come to you for shit and giggles. Never.

Have you ever thought that maybe they came to you because it was for YOU. Your “personal legend?”

Are you on the search for it? Trying to pursue it? Trying to get closer to it? Trying to find it? Living every day with joy as you become one step closer?

This book was probably as simple as it gets. A cute story about finding and pursing your personal legend, and enjoying the journey along the way.

I enjoyed this book so much. I’m so excited to reach my personal legend… Are you?

officially week 4 of 2017, and I’m already 4 books down. I figured I might as well create a challenge!! I’m gonna try to read 52 books this year. JOIN ME #52weeks52books

up next: The Power of Now

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