READ: Reposition Yourself REFLECTIONS x T.D. Jakes

Y’all y’all yallll !!!

When the eagle spreads it wings, it uses the wind to increase its velocity. So the greater the storm, the higher the eagle flies, for the storm pushes the eagle higher and higher into the air.

The eagle, one of the strongest birds.

In this story the eagle snatched up something and took it back up into the air. The eagle then went higher and higher and stopped and fell to the grown.

The eagle was dead.
What killed the eagle?

He picked up something that he wouldn’t let go of.

Eagle, you were stronger than the weasel. It could never hurt you if you didn’t pick it up and hold on to it.

In the course of your flight of repositioning yourself, if you don’t drop some things, you’ll come crashing down like the eagle.

The thing that is holding you cannot hold you if you don’t hold it!!!!!!

You’re an eagle, you were built to fly.

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