READ: Finding Your North Star x Martha Beck

This book was packed with tons of information and tonssss of activities that helps you find your North Star.

T O N S of I N F O R M A T I O N
check out my notes from the book 


Martha explains the difference between your social and essential self.

Throughout the book she gives us activities and exercises to complete to help us use our essential self in order to claim the life we’re meant to live. YOUR ESSENTIAL SELF IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT !!

She gives us the four squares of change. But first, something that really stood out to me was to identify how change is coming into your life –
It’s either by shock, opportunity, or a transition.

Change is a cycle and for each cycle of change she gives us a mantra to follow –

*i don’t know what the hell is going on, and THATS OKAY.
*there are no rules, and THATS OKAY.
*this is much worse than I expected, and THATS OKAY.
*everything is changing, and THATS OKAY.

I feel like every book I pick up for this #52weeks52books challenge is GOD TALKING TO ME. Literally.

This book, this book, this book. Whew!

This review does nothing for the amount of information I’ve learned.

Please read, ’tis all.


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