READ: Chakra Meditation x Swami Saradananda

What I loved most about this book was the simplicity in understanding chakras and the major seven.

So we all know that our mind, body, and souls are all one and connected. And this book definitely confirms that,

This book just makes so much sense!!! Not sure how else to explain it.

With my past books I’ve been learning how necessary it is to protect my peace, and watch my thoughts, etc. but this book actually tells us HOW.

Like I said, it all MAKES SENSE!

After you understand the purpose of each chakra, you’ll then begin to process your own life and learn which of your chakras need more of your attention.

I’m excited to actually sit down, focus on one chakra and practice the meditation process.

This book will definitely be picked up over and over again from me. It’s a must! Chakra Mediation consists of so much important info!!

I highly recommend,


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