READ: Brave Enough x Cheryl Strayed

Eh, I’ll start off by saying this book wasn’t what I thought it would be. Cheryl Strayed was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and Oprah raved about how great Brave Enough was. So you know, if Oprah liked it, it must be a damn good book! So I added Brave Enough to my list of books to read around May. 

In September I bought three books online, You Are A Badass, Year of Yes and Brave Enough. Then, hours later I realized I had to start You Are A Badass NOW, like I was that hyped about the book that I couldn’t wait the two-day Amazon prime shipping wait lol. But anyway, I saw it was available at my local Target for pickup that day along with Year of Yes. Because I wasn’t really pressed to start Brave Enough I decided to just buy it some other time.

However, when I went to cancel the order, Brave Enough had already shipped lol. So I’m like hmm, maybe God is trying to get me to read this book. Anyway I zoomeddd through You Are A Badass and because Oprah raved about how short Brave Enough was, I decided to just start that next.

Since 2014, if you went into my bedroom/dorm/car or wherever, you’d find sticky notes of inspirational quotes all over! I have them up and down my closet, by my mirror, on my wall, by my car radio (Thanks Mary Jane, lol) It’s just affirmations I’ve committed to reading over and over and just a bunch of good vibes. So immediately after reading the intro I knew this book of inspirational quotes would be my cup of tea!

I constantly found myself tweeting and sharing some quotes that stuck with me. And by it being so short, I was able to finish the book within an hour or so.

Some quotes stayed with me, and some quotes were totally out there and didn’t resonate with me at all. 

Cheryl drops the *f bomb* a couple of times which actually became annoying in my opinion.

It’s definitely some good stuff in this book, but it’s not at the top of my list of books to read.. You be the judge! Let me know what you think.

Next up, Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (yay!)

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