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This book LOVES you. Wow, what a title. The reason I was attracted to the cover of this book was because the same exact day earlier on twitter someone tweeted, “God LOVES you.” That tweet reallllllly made my heart flutter because it was a reminder that I really needed that day. So when I saw that book hours later it immediately reminded me of the tweet, so I had to pick it up. God winks are so real… y’all know that?

This book, however was NOT what I thought it would be, it was very sarcastic and after reading the back of the book and about the author it definitely made sense. I would recommend researching this book before purchasing or picking it up.

THOUGH this book wasn’t what I thought it would be, I got some gems from the title alone. After the title connected to the tweet “God loves you” I learned that God is so intentional. And actually, I’ve been learning that more and more this week. God sees way more than we can see, and once we all understand that, this life will become way easier. Trusting Him has never been more important than this moment right now.

So, today, Oct. 1st. Since God is so intentional. I’ve been inspired to become so intentional about my life and about my purpose. I mean, why not connect with God on a higher level and really become CLEAR about whats meant for your life.

So lets start journaling. I journal occasionally, and write and speak affirmations often, but lets put it into high gear for this month. For the next 31 days, I’ll be sharing affirmations, writing prompts and diary style journal entries to help ME get clear about my life each day. I’ll post them on my IG story and twitter @ryenwatkins, and I encourage you to join me :)

Today, I’m starting with, “What do you want?”

God loves you.

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