READ: Big Magic + Eat Pray Love x Elizabeth Gilbert, + Be You Live Civil x Karen Civil

After I finished “When God Winks At You,” I started Big Magic x Elizabeth Gilbert… Then I read Eat Pray Love, and then Be You Live Civil. 

Big Magic is one of the best creative self help books I’ve ever read… Ever! It gives you all of the steps needed to live a creatively fearless life. It’s the self help guide for Eat Pray Love in a sense. Which is why I wish I would’ve read Eat Pray Love first… You ask yourself, how was Gilbert able to travel across the world? Well, Big Magic is the guidebook for how she did it. 

I absolutelyyyyyy recommend those two books. Elizabeth Gilbert is an awesome writer, which makes the books even better! You’re connected, you’re invested, and they’re both unstoppable reads, if that makes sense. 

Be You Live Civil is a how to+ story all in one. So it’s Karen Civil’s “Big Magic” x “Eat Pray Love” all wrapped into one short 60 page book (which I literally read in 30 minutes!) 

Karen adds some journaling space as well to help with self exploration at the end, which was amazing. The book makes you question your wants and dreams at the end anyway, so it helps that you’re able to write it all down right there.

All three books are awesome and has set my Summer’16 to an awesome start. 

My next read: The Power Of I Am x Joel Osteen :) I love Joel Osteen so I’m super excited for this one! 

Good vibes only! Xoxo

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