READ: Between The World And Me x Ta-Nehisi Coates

“This is required reading.”

Understanding the struggle. Understanding our blackness is not a flaw of humanity.
Finding the struggle.
Remembering the struggle.
Embracing the struggle!

Our world is full of sound. Our world is more lovely than anyone’s tho we suffer, and kill each other and sometimes fail to walk the air. We are beautiful people with African imaginations full of masks and dances and swelling chants with African eyes, and noses, and arms, though we sprawl in grey chairs in a place full of Winters, when what we want is sun.

The girl from Chicago understood this too, and she understood something more – that all are not equally robbed of their bodies, that the bodies of women are set out for pillage in ways I could never truly know. And she was the kind of black girl who’d been told as a child that she had better be smart because her looks wouldn’t save her, and then as a young women that she was really pretty for a dark-skinned girl. And so there was, all about her, a knowledge of cosmic injustices, the same knowledge I’d glimpsed all those years ago watching my father reach for his belt, watching the suburban dispatches in my living room, watching the golden-haired boys with their toy trucks and football cards, and dimly perceiving the great barrier between the world and me.

“This is required reading.”


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