READ: Beautylicious x Jenyne M. Raines

I, Ryen Watkins [insert your beautiful name], am a beautylicious babe. I know the world is mine for the taking. Thanks to God, I possess many gifts, including my unique beauty, sensual body, and fierce intellect. I am committed to the love and betterment of me – through learning, exercise, and taking risks. I walk a path of love and grace, which precludes me from being rude, ill-tempered, or obnoxious. I am kind and loving to people, animals, and the surrounding world. I follow my heart, be it in romance or the prospect of a new career. I am not afraid to fall ‘cause I know I will get back up. I deserve whatever I want out of life and I thank God for the moxie to go after it. I know I rule! ?✨

This book was sooooo funny, omg the author was such a pleasure. I just feel like I want to interview Ms. Raines and be her friend in real life!!


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