#OnTheSly x Trey Nostalgia Ep. 1 

Welcome to #OnTheSly with Lex and Ry, sharing R&B/HipHop’s best hidden secrets via the #OnTheSly web series x #OnTheSly music blog.

Our artist of the week is straight from Brooklyn, NY and he’s oh so dope. If you’re ever itching to listen to something that’ll make you feel good, come this wayyy!

Meet Trey Nostalgia.

Trey Nostalgia describes his music as smooth, enlightening and timeless. Simply because the content of his music can apply to any time.

While listening to his music, prepare to feel a range of emotions… good emotions of course.

“If I can make a listener release dopamine, raise their productivity levels and brighten their mood, while giving them some knowledge, then I’ve done my job.” 

See, I told y’all he was dope! He says that’s just how everyone should feel after listening to a piece of art.

Trey Nostalgia has two projects on the way, as well as some dope visuals and a consistent flow of tracks – R&G (Rhythm & Groovement) to come.

Listen to the full song, Temptation x Trey Nostalgia, then head to his full SoundCloud to get your whole entire life! Good vibes for sure!

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