#OnTheSly x T. ALI Ep. 2

What’s upppp! #OnTheSly’s artist this week is a local Baltimore artist, T. ALI, who is originally from the Bronx, NY.

Meet T. ALI

T. ALIĀ is one of those artist that just uplift your spirits, and you gotta love him!

He describes his music as very positive, and I couldn’t agree more. He says he tries to touch on topics the average 18-26 year old can relate to over dope ass beatsĀ of course.

“From soiled friendships to the absence of a father to visions of the future and better days. I want people to know they aren’t alone and they can do whatever they set out to do.”

It’s good to listen to dope artists who can inspire you and spread good energy at the same damn time! I mean, how awesome is that?

Watch his full video for Kingdom here, then check out his YouTube page for more awesomeness! You can also head to all streaming sites, TIDAL, SPOTIFY, and APPLE MUSIC to listen to his newest project, #UNDFND!

Watch the full episode 2 of #OnTheSly here!

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