#OnTheSly x Paul Gee Ep. 4

Meet Paul Gee.


Not only is Paul an artist… gon’ ahead and add actor and personality to the list.

Yep! He’s just one of those people who does it all, and is damn good at it too! Gah Damn Gah Damn!!!

“Paul Gee can captivate any audience when he grabs the mic. When he’s in front of the camera, he commands attention.” 

He’s the true definition of an entertainer if you ask me.

The production, the lyrics, and of course his voice (yasss), is sure to keep “The Siren” on repeat for months to come! Preciate’ you Paul Gee for this one :)

Listen to the full song here:

Be sure to follow Paul to stay in the loop with his music!

IG: @PaulGeeTV

Watch the full Ep. 4 of #OnTheSly here:

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