#OnTheSly x Keznamdi Ep. 5

This weeks artist, Keznamdi is straight from Kingston, Jamaica. And y’all knowwwwww I got mad love for Jamaica, haha :) :) I enjoy Keznamdi’s voice and his music oh so much and I’m sure you will too.

Meet Keznamdi


This Jamaican artist is known for his Good Vibes, and I must agree. His music is so soothing. Even in his breakup song, Lost Love, the lyrics are about him mending his broken heart, but yet the beat is still really fun, melodic and free. 

Listen and watch  the full song and video here: 

But wait, Keznamdi covered Rihanna’s “Work” with a new fun ganja flare, and this is what got me hooookeeeeed on him, you hear me!? HOOKED. I had to include it. Listen here:

Enjoy Ep. 5 of #OnTheSly here: Thanks for vibin’ with us! See y’all next week!!!



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