#OnTheSly x Jep Roadie Ep. 16

Meet Jep Roadie


CAPE VERDE WUS GOODDDD! Jep Roadie is 24 years old, from Cape Verde and effortlessly doin’ the damn thang!

He says, “I worked extremely hard on this project, titled Red Hawk Will Fly. It is named after a song created by jazz musician and relative of mine, Rick Britto. My album has real lyrics and melody. Consider it a break from the onslaught of terrible music.”

I had the pleasure of listening to Red Hawk Will Fly in full and YES YES YES! Please head to SoundCloud right now and listen! My favorites from the project are Til The Sunlight and North Star.

Listen to “Til The Sunlight” in full here:

Follow Jep Roadie on Social Media @PeaceJepRoadie

Watch the full episode of #OnTheSly here:

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