#OnTheSly x Hellboy Ep. 9

Meet Hellboy


Ahh, I’ve been waiting to introduce him. Not only because he’s a Baltimore native, but he’s also just really dope with an extraordinary personality to match! It’s so refreshing to see people who are so passionate about their craft. With Hellboy, he’s ALLAAT. I’ve witnessed him grow in this industry for a couple of years and you may remember him on my radio show, Good Vibes at WSJU. He’s AUTHENTIC and I love it.

Listen to my full interview with Hellboy here:

#OnTheSly featured a clip of his video for 28 hunnit, here’s the full clip:

Please please pleaseeeee get familiar with Hellboy, watch another video that I LOVE here:

Follow Hellboy on IG @hellboykck

Watch the full episode of #OnTheSly Ep. 9 here:


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