#OnTheSly x Goldie Mack Ep. 8

First off, I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to introduce this artist. So to officially close off the summer, Meet Goldie Mack.


I am so glad I found him!!! Mannn, yall don’t even understand. This guy creates nothing but chill vibes, and I guarantee he’ll have your head boppin’ to every song. ERRRY SONG.

And can we talk about how DOPE this damn video was!! Shot and edited by @tbrownmedia (so follow her too), here’s the full clip:

Listen to his song, Every Night, HEART EYES, HEART EYES, HEART EYES. lol I really love this!
Follow him on social media: @GoldieMack_ to stay in the loop!

Watch the full #OnTheSly Ep. 8 here:



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