#OnTheSly x Bri Steves Ep. 7

Seven episodes down of #OnTheSly, and I still haven’t featured any women… WHET? I know, I know… So this week I’m like:


Source: bristeves.com

This beauty hails from Philadelphia, PA and have I mentioned how dope she is? I mean, her style alone has me fascinated. She has the #BlackGirlMagic goin’ on and its truly my honor to feature her this week. I honestly wish I would’ve discovered her sooner! What really struck my attention is not only is she on the come up in the music industry, she’s also a student at Temple University. So yes, dope black girls doing dope ass things. I respeck it.

Watch the full Summer’s Mine video as Bri pays homage to the Fresh Prince here:

Pleaseeeeee head to her website and listen to some of her songs as well, you’ll fall in love I promise.

Watch the full #OnTheSly Ep. 7 here:


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