No-Carb Cocktail Recipe

Who loves a good happy hour drink!? Or an “any”hour drink as I’d like to call it.

I sure do! But during a fitness journey, if it’s one thing you need to lay off of, it’s the alcohol.

I think we all know by now that carbohydrates are nooooo buenooooo, nope, not good.

So when you’re trying to figure out the amount of carbs that are in an average cocktail, believe me, your mind will be blown! The carbs are sky-rocket high, which means the amount of sugar in each cup is through the roof! I cringe every time I check the nutrition facts on my favorite cocktail.


The fun isn’t over though. I created a NO-CARB drinky drink that is sure to get you buzzed, guilt free.

Strawberry Pineapple Sangria

2 strawberries
2 oz pineapple vodka (not infused)
1 oz Riesling wine (Yellow Tail brand)
2 oz Diet Sprite

In a glass, muddle the sliced strawberries
Fill glass with ice
Add the vodka
Add the wine
Add the Diet Sprite
Garnish with a lemon or pineapples (if you like)
Use a straw to slightly mix the beverage

Makes one drink.


And wahla! This beverage comes in at less than 1g of carbs and believe me, you wouldn’t even be able to tell. That’s how yummy it is!!

So once in awhile when you do decide you need a drink, this will be the perfect go-to. Enjoy!


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